Ever since I can remember I’ve always been the friend behind the camera always wanting to capture every memory!  Well now I am SO excited to be turning that into a business!  I bought my first DSLR camera back when I was pregnant with my son Jack.  My husband Kyle and I wanted to have a few maternity photos, but we wanted to try to take them ourselves!  Ha!  We had no idea what we were doing, but we set up a tripod (that we had bought at Goodwill for $10) at our favorite park and gave it a shot! After many sprints back and forth between pressing the timer button, and many observers and odd looks, we pulled off ONE picture that didn’t look completely ridiculous! (although looking at it now, I might retract that statement haha!)  That’s such a fun memory for us and the moment I fell in love with photography!



This past year has held a lot of change for my family and I!  We moved from Missouri to Indiana, Kyle started his own business, and to add on to that adventure I’ve decided to start one too!  It’s been a crazy few months as I’ve dreamt about launching this business and to be honest it’s been a little intimidating!  Learning something completely new is so challenging and I’ve definitely had those humbling days where I’ve wanted to throw in the towel!  Fortunately, God has been so sweet to me to provide so much help along the way through my friend Arielle Peters!  She’s amazing!!!  She’s been a photographer for many years now and has been so gracious to coach me through this entire process.  I had no idea that just asking her if I could tag along on an anniversary shoot of hers a while back would lead to one of my sweetest friendships that has consisted of a lot of Starbucks, lots of laughs, great conversations, and an insane amount of her putting up with all of my photography questions!  I’m so blown away by her heart to help other photographers grow in their businesses!  To say I am thankful for her would be such an understatement!



I might have thought that this business would be a fun creative outlet or a little side income to justify my Starbucks Gold Membership, but I never expected the amount of community that it has already provided!  I can already see that it’s going to far outweigh any other perk that this job can provide!



So welcome to this new adventure of mine! I’m so excited you’re here to see the journey begin!