Kyle, Jack, and I took a trip out to the beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona last week to celebrate Kyle and I’s 30th birthdays (yes I said 30!! ahh!) Back when Kyle and I first got married we made a “30 for 30 bucket list” and going to see the Grand Canyon was unchecked on the list so we got to make that happen! Yay! What an unbelievable sight. I’ll never forget the moment we first saw it… As we were walking up to the viewing point Kyle said, “look down, don’t look yet let’s see it for the first time together!” When I looked up I literally had chills and was just… speechless. I’ve never felt so little, yet so at peace! There’s something so good about being reminded of how small you are, yet how big God is! We were definitely crazy to do 7 hours in the car in one day with a toddler to make it to the Grand Canyon and back, but Jack was an absolute champ!! We felt like we made it up to him though, because we took him to a splash pad three days in a row (yes three haha) at the Kierland Commons Shopping Center. If you’re ever in the Scottsdale area I definitely recommend checking that place out for dinner, shopping, and obviously a killer splash pad;) It was such an amazing trip that we felt so blessed to take and memories were built that I’ll cherish forever! I got to get my camera out a few times to snap a few photos! Check them out below:) If you look realllllly closely at this first photo below that’s Kyle standing out on the edge of the lookout!