This couple is very near and dear to my heart as Jeff is my husband Kyle’s lifelong best friend and the best man in our wedding! Kyle and I always wondered who the lucky girl would be that would end up with Jeff… but we never could have guessed that we’d love her this much! I remember the exact moment Jeff told us about her. We were still living out in Missouri and Jeff had come out to visit. It was while we were all on a walk at the Old Historic Main Street in St. Charles, MO getting “gooey butter cake milkshakes.” If you’ve ever been out to St. Louis you probably know what those are! There’s nothing like them! Anyways back to Amanda and Jeff:)

While still living out in Missouri we got to hear about Amanda and Jeff’s relationship starting to develop. Then, about a year ago we moved back to Indiana and finally got to know this girl we had been hearing about:) Wow were we impressed! She’s just amazing! For the first few times Amanda and I hung out we’d find ourselves checking our phones and realizing almost three hours had passed by without us even noticing because the conversation was so great! She’s just so easy to talk to and be around! I can’t get over how perfect she is for Jeff! One of my favorite things about their relationship is how much they compliment each other. Their love for each other is so genuine and SO rare and I think that’s pretty easy to see in these pictures!

Amanda and Jeff met in Indianapolis so we thought it’d be fun to head downtown for their engagement shoot! We had a blast! Something sweet you’ll notice in their shoot is the unique ring box Jeff got Amanda with their wedding date engraved on it holding her stunning vintage engagement ring! A fun fact about her ring is that it was Jeff’s grandmother’s! How sweet is that? At the end of the shoot Jeff asked if we could go to one last location that was a surprise for Amanda… You can see that location in the last few photos with the city skyline view!  That has been one of their favorite spots to go on during dates to sit and talk and take in the view! So sweet!

I absolutely cannot wait to celebrate these two becoming husband and wife in just a little over a month! Congrats you love birds! The wait is almost over!

Enjoy a few of my favorites from their shoot:)