Talk about one of the most beautiful, sweetest, fun couples ever! When Michelle + Jimmy asked if I would take their engagement photos in their home city I was thrilled, because it’d be my first time shooting in Chicago! It was so fun getting to walk around the most quaint little neighborhood in Old Town Chicago with them and then we headed to the spot where Jimmy proposed to Michelle, the Pier at North Avenue Beach! Wow did Jimmy nail his location!!! Let’s just talk about that view for a minute! I grew up forty minutes outside of Chicago so I’ve always had a love for this beautiful city, but when we walked out onto that pier I was just speechless! There’s just something about the combination of Lake Michigan and the beach right there and then you turn around and are hit with that unbelievable skyline! It was so romantic!

What amazes me most though, is how even with that backdrop, Michelle + Jimmy are what you are drawn to in all of these photos! Their love for each is so apparent by their contagious smiles, the way they look at each other, and how much fun they have together! We were laughing the whole evening! My husband Kyle came along for their session and as we were driving away we said multiple times how we felt like we just made some instant friends and how sad we are that we won’t see them for so long! That just helps give you a picture of how sweet this couple is!

Michelle + Jimmy, I hope you enjoy your engagement photos as much as I enjoyed taking them:) Cherish this next year of being engaged! Soak it up as much as you can! You’ll get to be married for a lifetime, but you’ll only get to be engaged for a short time. I’m so honored to get to be the one to capture it for you! Our time together got me so excited to do it all over again on your wedding day next June! It can’t come soon enough! 🙂