I’ll never forget the moment Carly + Deepak told Kyle and I that they were pregnant. They were in town visiting and came over for breakfast one morning. They showed up with a gift for Kyle – a little wooden sign that said, “Great brothers get promoted to UNCLE!” This was followed by immediate hugs, screams, tears, lots of “yays” (mostly by me ha), and tons of excitement! We were thrilled, and we’re even more thrilled now as we are expecting our sweet niece’s arrival in just about a month and a half! So crazy!

Oh these two! Carly has been my sister-in-law for a little over seven years now and Deepak has been a friend of mine for about ten years, and now my brother-in-law for about three! All of that’s to say they are two of my very best friends, which makes this session extra special! I was so excited when Carly + Deepak asked if they could fly me out to take their maternity photos! What an honor!!! This was also a great excuse to get to go hang out with them for a few days in D.C.!

What a joy this was to be able to capture this sweet moment in time for them as they are awaiting and preparing for their baby girl to be here! I’ve found myself getting emotional quite a bit while editing their photos, because I am just so excited for them! It’s so sweet to see how much they already love their baby girl, and I just keep thinking was how blessed she already is, and she doesn’t even know it yet!

You only have to spend three minutes with these two to know they’re going to be amazing parents. They put others first and never expect anything in return. They’re so compassionate and attentive. They’re incredibly intentional and present when spending time with people. They love with such grace and loyalty. They’re also a ton of fun!!! All of these qualities that they already possess are such a gift to their daughter, but an even greater gift that they’re giving her is their love for each other. Carly + Deepak have been married for a little over three years now and their marriage is one I already look up to! They respect and love each other so deeply and I think that’s pretty evident in these photos.

Let’s also just talk for one last minute about how much Carly is absolutely glowing… I mean wow is this mama-to-be stunning and I just can’t get enough of her dress! Pregnancy looks good on you sis!

Carly + Deepak, thank you for giving me the privilege of capturing these photos for you. I hope you love looking back on this memory as much as I loved seeing it through my lens. I love you guys and my sweet niece so much already! Enjoy a few of my favorites below:)