Kyle and I had a blast hanging out with these lovebirds, Brooke + Riley, for their engagement session last week! We’ve been good friends with Riley for a while now, but getting to know his absolutely STUNNING bride-to-be, Brooke, has been so sweet! We just love her!

A word I would use to describe Brooke + Riley’s relationship is “warmth.” Their whole session they were just so sweet together, whether it was whispering sweet things to each other, sneaking kisses, making each other laugh, holding hands, snuggling, etc.! They’re so warm towards each other and it was just so refreshing and fun to be around!

We started off the night where Brooke + Riley had their first date… the Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company in Indianapolis! This was so fun to get to capture the place where it all began for them! We all ordered some coffee and I tried my first “dark chocolate iced coffee.” What? Who came up with that? It was so good! I just loved taking these photos, because they were in such a sentimental spot for them, and maybe also because I’m a HUGE coffee lover and this was a dream come true for me to take photos at a coffee shop!!!

Next we went to the Morris-Butler House! I had never been, but Brooke + Riley had seen it driving by and thought it was pretty! Wow were they right! It’s a house that was built about 1864 in the Old Northside Historic District of Indianapolis and is now restored as a museum! There were so many pretty blooms, big windows, big wooden doors, and the sun was starting to set right as we walked up so it was just perfect!

Brooke + Riley, I had so much fun with you guys, and have so many favorites from your session! I had such a hard time narrowing down for this blog, because you look so genuinely happy and beautiful in every single one. I didn’t know which ones to not keep! While editing these I kept thinking, “Who are these people?” You guys are so incredibly photogenic! More than that though, it’s obvious that you two are so crazy in love and are so happy to just be in each other’s arms. That’s what I love most about these photos… they reveal how sweet your relationship is and how absolutely meant to be together you guys are!

Thanks for giving me the privilege of getting to capture your engagement! I cannot wait to do this all again on your big day in November! I can’t believe it’s in less than four weeks!!! Wow that came fast! Soak up these last few weeks of being engaged! Before you know it you’ll be Mr. + Mrs. Senter!!! Can’t wait!