Oh man guys! Where do I even begin with this one? There might be some tears! Chelsea + Nathan are really sweet friends of mine and getting to capture their engagement back in St. Louis was just an absolute JOY! I met Chelsea years ago when we lived out in St. Louis and were working with Campus Outreach! She was a student on another campus and then ended up coming on staff with the ministry where Kyle and I were at, Lindenwood University! Our friendship really began when she was actually living with us for a little bit at the start of the year before she had roommates and a place set up! Jack was a few weeks old, so Chelsea and I got to know each other really quickly as she saw me at my best! Ha! Absolutely not! Chelsea was such a sweet friend to this new mama that was so sleep deprived and trying to figure out how to take care of a few week old baby! She was such a refuge and a safe place for me! I still cherish our conversations in our living room as she’d come home from campus during her break and we’d just laugh and often cry together!

Fast forward a few years and now my sweet friend Chelsea is ENGAGED!!! I knew a little bit about Nathan from a distance and through some really good friends of ours, but I didn’t know a ton about him until Chelsea moved in with us:) That’s when I started hearing about this guy that she really liked! Well who would have thought… (actually a lot of us thought) haha that they’d end up together and are getting married this December!!! Ahh yay! I seriously can’t wait!

For Chelsea + Nathan’s engagement session we decided to go to the place that holds a lot of memories for them, Forest Park! This is where they went on their first date (at the St. Louis Art Museum) and also where they got engaged (the Boathouse)! It was so fun getting to walk around the park with them and hear the stories about their first date and engagement that took place right where we were at! It was so sweet and a lot of fun! We laughed so much during their session that my cheeks literally hurt while driving away!

Chelsea + Nathan, I am so incredibly excited for you guys! I admire the way that you guys love each other! You are so sweet, caring, fun, and gracious with each other! You’re one of those couples that is so fun to be around! Thank you so much for the privilege of getting to capture these engagement photos for you guys! I love you guys so much and I can’t wait to do this again at your wedding in ONE month!