Katy + Joel’s cozy winter wedding was the perfect one to kick off my weddings for 2018! I’ve known Katy for years now, so I knew she’d be such a sweet bride to work with, but I never could have predicted how much I would enjoy shooting her wedding! Wow was this a special one! Kyle and I had a four hour drive out to St. Louis so we had a lot of time to chat on the way back to Indianapolis after the wedding that night and driving away we just felt so refreshed (which is really surprising after a four hour drive that morning and shooting a wedding in below freezing temperatures)! But I know exactly what made this wedding so special! Sure the setting was beautiful in downtown St. Louis at the beautiful Neo on Locust venue, the colors and greenery details were all so dreamy for the winter, Katy’s dress was just fabulous (there’s no other way to put it)… but what truly made this day so special was the people. Let’s just start with the bride and groom why don’t we?

There’s nothing more exciting for me at a wedding than a groom that is absolutely smitten with his bride to be and goes out of his way to make her feel so cherished all day. Joel is the epidemy of that groom! He had written notes for Katy to open all throughout the day and it was just the sweetest thing! One of my favorite moments of the whole day was when Kyle and I pulled up to the venue to start taking pictures of the guys getting ready and Joel ran out to our car before we even had parked and was asking us, “How is she and how does she look? I bet she’s beautiful, etc?” It was just so sweet to see him so incredibly excited to marry his bride that day! Not to mention, Joel’s reaction to seeing Katy in her dress for the first time while she was walking down the aisle to him was just… memorable! I don’t know how else to put it! Joel had warned me that he wouldn’t be able to hold it back in that moment and I told him that in my opinion true men cry and that’s always one of my favorite moments of the day… but I’ll just let the photos below do the rest of the talking on that moment! You’ll be able to see how sweet it was!

Katy was just the most amazing bride! First of all, she was absolutely stunning in her fitted lace dress that had the most amazing button up back that you’ll see a lot of in the photos below because I could not get enough of it! But even more beautiful than that is just who Katy is as a person. She’s so selfless, loving, kind, easy-going, and that all showed so well on her wedding day. There is something new that I learned about Katy that day though… wow she is tough! I checked the weather on my phone right before we stepped outside to take a few photos of her and it was only four degrees out! Yes…. you read that right… four degrees!!! Katy wanted to make sure they got at least a few outdoor, natural light photos and I’m so glad she was committed to that, because it was so worth it… but WOW was it cold! She was in a sleeveless dress and just braved the freezing temperatures as if it didn’t bother her at all! I don’t know how she did it, but I was amazed! Something fun you’ll notice in the photos below is the oh-so-cozy Airbnb located in Historic Soulard that Katy rented for her and her girls to get ready in and it was just a dream! As if the Airbnb wasn’t enough, we also found the cutest little cupcake shop, The Sweet Divine, right below us! They were so sweet to let us warm up inside their shop in-between photos and we couldn’t help but get a few shots in there as well, because it was just too cute!

Not only were Katy + Joel so amazing all day, but so were all of their friends and family and all of the vendors involved making this day so special! I loved getting to hang out with their friends all day, because not only are they hilarious and just so fun to be around, but it was so neat to watch how much they love Katy + Joel and how well they served them all day! That goes the same for their family! Everyone was just so kind and so thrilled to be there celebrating this amazing couple!

Well… if you made it to the end of this I’m impressed! I obviously had a lot to say about this one, and I think once you scroll down through these photos you’ll know why! Katy + Joel, sometimes I have to pinch myself because I just can’t believe I get to work with incredible couples like you! Thank you for the privilege of getting to celebrate and capture the start of your journey as husband and wife! Your day was one to remember and I hope these photos provide such sweet memories for you to look back on in the years to come! Congratulations!!!


Thanks to all of the amazing vendors that made this day so special!!!

DJ: Eric Muller 

Wedding Dress Shop: White Traditions Bridal House

Tuxes: K&G 

Airbnb: Gold Door Loft 

Venue: Neo on Locust 

The Cozy Cupcake Shop: The Sweet Divine