It doesn’t take more than a few minutes of being with Liz + Brock to see that they are the perfect match and that God’s hand has been all over their relationship! They met on a blind date through mutual friends in college! How sweet is that? It was a coffee date during finals week that ended up lasting for four hours and all the rest is history! If you can talk for four straight hours upon first meeting, I think it’s safe to say that you’ve found your match! One of the first things I noticed about these two is just how comfortable they are around each other. They uplift and encourage one another, not only in the way that they talk to each other, but also about each other. I’ve absolutely loved getting to know this couple so far and I feel so privileged to get to be the one to capture their love! 

Liz + Brock will be getting married next November and I can’t wait! Their reception will be at the Indianapolis Arts Garden, which is why they wanted to do their engagement session downtown! 

We literally had snow on the ground a few days before this session and all week it had been dreary and overcast, but not this past Friday! It was 70 degrees out, the sun was making a little bit of an appearance, and it was finally the perfect weather for an engagement session! The only problem was there was still no color and no leaves to be found on any trees nearby! Trust me, we looked! Fortunately, I had Kyle with me so he drove me around for a while before the session and we hunted for some form of life and color, quickly losing hope until Kyle spotted this one tree on the Canal Walk that was absolutely breathtaking! It was literally just this one solo tree in the middle of a cement walkway that for some reason decided to bloom before all the others just in time for our session! I’m pretty sure I did a little mini skip back to our car after going to check it out up close to make sure it would work with the lighting! It’s amazing how one little tree could make us feel like we were in the middle of full Spring bloom season! It was so romantic! 

Liz + Brock, I hope you love your engagement photos as much as I loved taking them, which is a lot! Our time together got me so excited for your wedding next fall, which I know is going to be so beautiful! Enjoy this season together and a few of my favorites from your session below!