Oh guys, do I have a fun engagement session for you! What a joy it is to introduce to you this lovely engaged couple, Jess + Ryan! I just love them! Jess is as cute as could be! Her laugh is so infectious and so fun to photograph and Ryan knows how to bring that out of her! This made my job so easy! In a “get to know you questionnaire” that I have couples fill out, one of the questions is, “What is a favorite quality of your fiancé’s?” Jess put “sense of humor” for Ryan and I can definitely see why! He had us cracking up the whole night! 

Jess asked if we could do part of their engagement session on the Downtown Canal Walk, because that’s where her and Ryan have spent a lot of time at in their relationship and I’m so glad she did! It had actually been a while since I had been on the Canal and every time I go back I’m reminded of how beautiful it is! Whenever I’m there I wonder why I don’t go on walks there more often… maybe it’s because it’s way more fun to go when you get to photograph gorgeous couples like Jess + Ryan! 

One of my favorites moments when we were on the Canal was when I was having them walk along the water towards me. I hadn’t noticed, but there were a few geese standing where I was asking them to walk. When they began to walk Jess + Ryan lost it because supposedly they share a huge fear and dislike of birds! They were dying as I chased the geese away to clear their walkway again and it provided a few photos of them laughing that I just love! There’s nothing better than a genuine laugh! 

We then headed over to the Lockerbie Square area downtown to finish out their session! The light during golden hour was some of my favorite ever. Jess had on such a sweet, flowy dress that looked stunning during a few twirls I had her do that you’ll see below! Don’t these two just look like they’re out of a dream? 

Jess + Ryan, I loved getting to finally meet you guys… and my camera did too!!! 🙂 You guys are such a fun, genuine, thoughtful couple! I feel so lucky to get to be your photographer! Here are a few highlights from our time together! I hope you love them as much as I do! I can’t wait to do this again in December!