A few months ago I got a text from one of my brides, Stacey, that is getting married this upcoming September that said, “My sister Kelly is engaged! Do you have December 1st, 2018 available? She’s about to reach out to you!!!” I was so excited, because this will be the first time I will be shooting two weddings within the same family! How sweet is that? 

Meet Kelly + Austin! How cute are they? I shot their engagement session a little over a week ago so I was almost 36 weeks pregnant! You’d think that would mean that it would be more difficult or maybe more stressful than usual, but this was honestly one of the most fun, layed back engagement sessions I’ve done yet! That could partly be due to the fact that my husband Kyle came to help carry my “way to heavy and overpacked camera bag” ha! and to help me out… but I think it’s largely due to how sweet and easy going this couple is! Kelly + Austin are just so easy to be with! The two hours we spent with them flew by so incredibly fast, because it felt like we were hanging out with some lifelong friends! That says a lot about who they are! 

These lovebirds actually met online! It’s crazy how many couples I have met with now that met online! They got engaged this past March and are planning their wedding for this upcoming December! I can’t wait!

Kelly asked if we could do their engagement shoot downtown! She also had an idea for a second spot with a skyline view of downtown Indianapolis, Highland Park. I had never been, but I’m a sucker for city skyline’s so I was pumped! Wow did she nail it with that spot! I love the photos of them walking across the view and I realllllllllyyyy love the photos of them underneath this incredibly huge and beautiful tree that Kyle spotted! It was breathtaking!!! 

Kelly + Austin, Kyle and I absolutely loved hanging out with you guys! You were the perfect couple to end with for my last engagement shoot before baby boy arrives! Thanks for being so sweet, easy, fun, and photogenic and for making my job so easy! I can’t wait to see you guys in September at Stacey + Rick’s wedding and then do this all over again at yours in December!!! Have a great summer wedding planning and soak up this season of getting to be engaged:) 

Enjoy a few of my favorites from your session!