Ohhhh these two!!! How cute are they? 

Karley + Kyle almost met through a friend in September 2009 but plans didn’t work out so they just became Facebook friends. That’s what you did in 2009, remember? 😉 Long story short, they actually met one night in May 2012 and the rest was history! 

When Karley + Kyle asked if we could do their engagement session at the Chicago North Avenue Beach Pier I was thrilled, because it’s the best of both worlds! City AND beach! After capturing a ton of photos with the skyline, the sun started to set and we kicked off our shoes and hit the beach! That golden hour glow never gets old! Kyle actually proposed to Karley on the beach at sunset in Costa Rica this past March, so this setting for their engagement session was so fitting! 

Karley + Kyle… It’s so obvious how in love you guys are and it’s such an honor for me to get to capture that for you! Our time together made me sooooooooo excited for your wedding next summer! I just know it’s going to be so much fun and such a special day! Can’t wait! Until then… enjoy this season together! It’s one of the best!