We were all watching our weather apps all week hoping that the rain would disappear but it didn’t…. and you know what…. it was totally fine!!! Stacey never showed a sign of panic or stress the entire day even when she could see the rain pouring through the windows while getting ready. She was so graceful and just happy to be getting married! It was so refreshing to be around! 

Stacey + Ricky’s first look is one of my favorite ones to date! The smiles on their faces and their tears show it all! You could just feel their love for each other in the room… It was such a special moment that I felt honored to get to be the one to capture it! 

When it came time to take some of their bride + groom portraits I asked Stacey if she wanted to stay inside or try to step outside in the rain and with a huge smile she said “I want to still try outside!” I’m so glad she did because it was SO worth it! Stacey + Ricky were absolutely amazing and officially made rain on a wedding day one of my new favorite things! When you’re snuggling under an umbrella you hold each other just a little bit closer and everything around you seems to disappear. It was so romantic! 

The whole day was such a joy to be a part of! From their families, to the bridal party, to their guests, everyone was so sweet and so focused on making sure this day was still perfect for Stacey + Ricky… and it was! What is extra sweet is that I’ll get to do this all over again with their family and friends at Stacey’s sister’s wedding in December – Kelly + Austin! I can’t wait! 

Stacey + Ricky, this was such a special day to be a part of and I can’t thank you enough for trusting me to capture it all for you! Congratulations on now getting to call each other husband and wife! Isn’t marriage the best? Enjoy some of my favorite moments of your wedding day! Pull up a chair, because there were a lot!