Lindsay grew up with my husband Kyle and is best friends with my sister-in-law Carly, so I’ve gotten to know her slowly over the past several years! I first met Ted when he and Lindsay were just dating. During my sister’s bachelorette party I was driving a group of girls about a mile out from Lindsay’s house and we got stuck in the snow! Ted just happened to be visiting her family for the holidays so he, Lindsay, and her dad came out to our rescue and dug us out:) I just remember thinking Ted was so sweet!

Over the last few years, since Kyle and I moved back to the Indy area we have been able to spend time with Lindsay and Ted a handful of times. They too live in the Indy area since graduating from the University of Notre Dame. They have been kind enough to watch our son Jack a few times for us as well and Jack has absolutely fallen in love with them! He often asks when they are coming over next! Needless to say Lindsay and Ted have become really sweet friends to us!

When Lindsay asked if we’d take a few engagement photos for them I was thrilled because I just love them so much! They are such a fun couple and their joy and love for each other is so contagious! It’s obvious to everyone around them how much they care about each other! 

These two lovebirds met in college while being managers of the Notre Dame football team together! How fun is that? After dating for a while they recently got engaged this past December while in Florida! They’ll be getting married next summer at the Notre-Dame Basilica to bring it all back to where they first met! Kyle and I can’t wait to celebrate with them! It will be fun to be guests at a wedding for a change! 

Lindsay + Ted, we had so much fun capturing these photos for you guys! It will be such a sweet memory for us:) We can’t wait to watch the rest of your beautiful story unfold in the years to come! We love you guys!