Meet the newlywed Mr. + Mrs. Ortiz, who happen to also be our new neighbors! Back when Lauren and I met for coffee to discuss their wedding to see if we’d be a good fit, we discovered that we live in the exact same apartment complex! How crazy is that? It made working with her extra sweet, because we’ve been able to just walk over to drop things off or meet up! Landon just joined the “neighborhood” after they got married! The day after their wedding Lauren + Landon asked if they could stop by to drop off a thank you gift for us and we got to show them their sneak peeks in person that night and gush about our favorite moments from the day together! Who thinks to bring a thank you gift over to their photographer the day after their wedding? That just shows the type of people Lauren + Landon are! They’re so thoughtful and loving and that was reflected all day at their wedding!

Lauren + Landon got married up in South Bend, IN and it was a beautiful day! Their ceremony was at a cozy church called Trinity Church and their reception was at a newer venue called The Brick! There were so many special moments throughout the day that involved their families! They did communion with Landon’s late grandfather’s wine during the ceremony. Landon’s other grandfather, Jose, got to marry them! Lauren and her mom shared the sweetest mother-daughter dance at their reception! Oh I could go on and on! Kyle and I loved being surrounded by their family and friends all day! They were seriously all so sweet and focused on making sure the day was perfect for Lauren + Landon! It was a joyful celebration and you could just feel the genuine excitement for these two all day! 

It was one of those days where I kept pausing and looking around thinking… I just can’t believe I get to do this! Being invited into one of the biggest and most important days of peoples’ lives is such a privilege! These photos capture and represent more than just emotion and memories, but a covenant that was made. Lauren + Landon promised to say no to everyone else in the world and only “I do” to each other for the rest of their lives! These two are the real deal! Their love for each other is strong and genuine. That’s pretty obvious just by looking at the photos of Landon’s face when Lauren was walking down the aisle and Lauren’s joy that radiated the entire day. You could tell they were just so excited to finally get to call each other husband and wife! 

Lauren + Landon, congratulations on this special new season of life! Kyle and I could not be more excited for you guys! It was truly an honor to capture your wedding and we’re so thankful to call you guys friends! Enjoy your blog post!!!