Alicia and I have been good friends since college! She recently moved back to the states after having lived in China for a few years to teach English! Since being back, she’s been in grad school at Butler University and interning at her church back home for the past year. Well….. guess who also happens to go to that church? Taylor! A mutual friend of theirs set them up on a blind date! They were both super hesitant to go, but they decided to give it a chance! 

During their engagement session I asked them when they both knew this was it. Taylor said it was early for him…. the second date! He could tell right away how different she was than other girls he’s met. He said, “It’s one thing to be really pretty, it’s another thing to be pretty, have depth and we can actually talk.” It wasn’t that early for Alicia, but as their friendship started to grow there was a moment where Taylor said something along the lines of… “I want you to be happy whether that’s with me or not with me.” She got to know him more and more and started to see how serious he is about his relationship with Christ. She said eventually “I just knew.” 

I’m so incredibly happy for these two!!! They got engaged this past November at the Newfields Winterlights! I was so excited when Alicia asked me if I’d take engagement photos for them. I don’t typically do winter engagement sessions, but when your friend moves back from China and meets the love of her life you break your “no winter engagement session rule”! We met up at Dulls Tree Farm for their session and I just have to say wow! I kept saying the whole night…. “Oh my gosh you guys! Oh my gosh! This is so pretty!” Alicia and I were hoping for snow and we got it! I just couldn’t get over how pretty it was while the sun was setting! That golden glow mixed with being surrounded by so many trees lightly covered in snow was just… THE… BEST! 

We had so much fun and I laughed so hard with them that I literally had sore abs the next morning! That’s probably also very revealing of my need to hit the gym more;) Oh I just love these two so much and felt honored to get to capture this engagement season for them! Here are a few of my favorite moments below!