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Congratulations Bride-To-Be

I’m committed to making sure that your entire experience is just as unforgettable as your wedding photos.

While your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life it goes by so quickly. Girl, don’t you worry because that’s why I’m there! I want you to remember every little detail, from his face the first time he sees you in your dress, the way he pulls you in close during your first dance, all of the friends and family that were there to celebrate with you. But what I really love to capture is those moments in between the moments. Those real moments. Maybe he whispered something in your ear that made you laugh that day, or you catch each other’s eye with the most giddy smile that you can’t hold back, those are the moments I love to capture! 

You’ve been on an incredible journey up until this point, but now you’re about to start your greatest adventure yet… together! Marriage is the best and your wedding day is day one as husband and wife!

You’ve probably been looking down at that ring a lot lately asking people to pinch you just to make sure it’s all still real! You really found him, the love of your life, and he just got down on one knee asking you to say yes…. yes to each other and no one else for the rest of your life! That’s commitment… and that’s love! 

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the wedding experience 

I can't wait to celebrate with you! 


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